Coco – African Grey
Pablo (and Squeaker) – Senegal Parrot
Red – Red-Headed Amazon
Squeaker – Indian Ringneck Parakeet
Kiku – Caique
Tasha & Blaze – The perfect “mutts”!

Parrots are highly intelligent, long-lived creatures that too many people often take for granted or overlook. Their shortest average life-spans can equal those of a typical dog, while others can even rival those of human beings!

Their intelligence and utter lack of manners, is directly related to their species still being highly wild and undomesticated. Unlike our lovable furry friends above, these feathered guys have no natural desire to live with us “bald” looking humans and may often view us with indifference, at best.

As you will see in “Tale Feathers”, it’s our job as their companions and roommates, to change for them and not expect them to change for us!