Tale Feathers

A Novel by Brian Meade

Coco, Pablo, Squeaker, Kiku, and Red are an odd flock of parrots who have been living under one roof with the same family for years. Like any other family, they’ve grown a little too comfortable and a little tired of each other’s company and their mundane daily experiences. 

Soon, change arrives in a way none of them could have expected. One day, the quirky flock finds their lives taking a turn that leads them on a several day, cross-town adventure.

They pick up some new friends along the way, and their sometimes frightening real-world experience leaves them with a newfound appreciation for each other and the human family they’ve taken for granted. 

Will things be the same at adventure’s end, or will their lives be changed forever? Find out in Tale Feathers, a new novel by Brian Meade, perfect for readers and bird lovers young and old. 

“Reveals the wonderful chaos of the flock.”—Kevin Hils, Bronx Zoo

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